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Jack Discovers Septiplier Fanart.. :iconhiro-uzumaki:Hiro-Uzumaki 206 33 Jack in the Box [Septiplier Gif] :iconhiro-uzumaki:Hiro-Uzumaki 716 96
Batheing With Heichou {Levi X Reader}
After a long and grueling day of training, the thing you want most is to soak in a bubble bath. The thought of it sends a wave of relaxation through your mind as you continue your chores.
"What are you smiling about, (F/N)?" Krista asks quietly as the two of you wipe down one of the dining hall tables before moving to the next.
Slightly shocked that you'd even smiled in the first place, you look up at her before smiling even bigger. "Last week I went to the market to buy Shortie's tea. While I was there, I picked up a few things. I just thought today would be a nice bubble bath day."
Krista's eyes get wide, "I love bubble baths! I haven't had one in forever! Which stand did you get it from?" She stops her cleaning as she looks at you with excited, blue eyes.
You stop too, a smile on your face as you straighten up and stretch. "I bought a few extra bottles, so you can have one if you'd like. They all smell good, just drop by after we finish this and I'll let you pick one."
She blushes s
:iconflyingthroughspace:FlyingThroughSpace 128 11
Pervert... (Levi x Reader)
You were currently stacking your favourite books on the top of the shelf. Considering your short stature, you had to get a small ladder to reach the top shelf.
"Okay... One more to go..." You sighed.
Just as your arm extended out to place the final blue book containing methods of cooking food...
The door slamming open along with that intense masculine shout frightened you. You lost your balance on the small ladder and fell backwards. You tried grasping on the shelf but your fingers turned into butter and slipped easily, allowing a couple of books to drop to the ground.
As you slipped off the ladder waiting to meet your doom, your arm flung to the side. The book accidentally sliding off your hand.
You heard a sudden smack and a groan from the intruder as you landed on the ground, 'uff'ing as the back of your body made contact with the wooden floors.
"Ow..." You groaned silently.
"Mother fucker!!" The intruder hissed as he rubbed his forehead, trying
:icontheonlymaori:theonlymaori 361 131
BOOBS - (Levi x Reader)
Intense, steel grey eyes met your direction in the mess hall.
You were sitting with your acquaintances, Sasha, Mikasa and Ymir. Eating food with them and listening to their jokes, stories, entertaining arguments and such. Although, you were usually the quiet type of the group. So all you would really do is listen and laugh unless they really did speak to you.
Currently, Sasha was telling a story about what it felt like to touch breasts. Mainly for Mikasa, only for teasing her when she caught Eren grabbing her boobies.
Mikasa blushed and tried to keep her quiet if she was going to talk about such a thing. Sasha was the type to speak pretty confident with loud volume.
"Jeez, I don't know why you talk about this stuff" Ymir grumbled, standing up to look for Krista to bring her along with the group.
"So Mikasa" Sasha started with a devils smirk. "I saw Eren touching your boobies again."
"Sh-shut up, Sasha! He didn't."
"You can't deny it, I saw it with my own eyes! Shall we role-play what h
:icontheonlymaori:theonlymaori 580 154
Play with me~ [Levi x Drunk!Reader]
WARNING: uh... Sexual Themes Near The End :D
It was evening and it was peacefully quiet in the mess hall. A few group chatters around the room, playing games, gossiping, chilling and relaxing. Things were awfully normal around this time of the day.
Until the sliding doors were smashed open. Literally destroyed. It reminded a few cadets of how the Colossal titan kicked the walls, creating a huge hole for titans to trespass.
Every soldier gains their attention to the unexpected entrance, seeing a woman wearing a white collared shirt that was unbuttoned enough to show cleavage, and white trousers. Her (h/c) hair was tied up in a messy ponytail with her bangs hanging out. But what was more noticeable was the intense blush on her cheeks.
"EVERYONE OF YOU, LISTEN UP!" You shouted in the most serious tone you could make. Everyone flinched as all eyes turned to your form that was standing between the broken wooden destroyed door frame with your arm out to the side of the hallway so nobo
:icontheonlymaori:theonlymaori 421 170
Levi x Pregnant!Reader: Unexpected
You were looking at yourself in the mirror. Taking a deep breath, you took off your white t-shirt and turned sideways. Hands over your abdomen, you sighed. A growing bump was definitely there. You felt your heart pounding in your chest. Looking down at yourself you wondered, was a little human really growing inside of you? There was no denying it. Over a month had passed and your period still didn’t hadn’t arrived. Mornings had been rough for about a month too, with constant vomiting and feeling nauseous.
You had to tell Levi. There was no avoiding it at this stage. The thought of telling Levi terrified you; he hated children with a burning passion. Having children of your own was something that you never really talked about having children of your own; it wasn’t really much of an option for you two, considering the world that you lived in. Two squad leaders, with their lives constantly on the line fighting titans… what kind of children could you possibly raise
:iconthyet:thyet 355 44
I Love You Too (Levi X Reader)
"(f/n)! (f/n), Wake up!" A voice called. You groaned and lifted the pillow over your head to smack whoever was shaking you awake. The voice was smarter than you, and it grabbed the pillow and hit you over the head. "Come on, (f/n), wake up!" The voice said with another blow to the head. The voice was female.
"What the hell do you want?" You groaned, reaching the air for your pillow. Your eyes fluttered open to see a familiar face. "Sasha, I want to sleep, give me back Mr. Fluffers."
Sasha stiffened. "You named your pillow Mr. Fluffers?" She asked. You shrugged and sat up in bed. She threw the pillow at your face.
"This better be important... Is the camp on fire?" You mumbled. She jostled your shoulders a bit, until her excited face came into view.
"Better." She said. You were thinking why the camp on fire would be a good thing, as her voice cut off your thoughts. "The troops are back!"
You found this interesting, but not enough to wake your slumber. You were already awake, and you knew
:icongreystream:Greystream 844 186
LevixReader {Return the Favour}
You weren't exactly in a good mood at the moment, your mood was bitter and a bit grump, but then, now why are you in a bad mood?
It's simple, on the expedition. Levi saved your ass...Again.
You sighed, you had gotten too reckless with killing Titans, you had ran out of gas and would of fallen to the ground below if it wasn't for the fact the raven haired man appeared out of nowhere, killed three Titans and then took you up to a tree and out of reach, not only that, you had the biggest rant off him about your stupid recklessness, you couldn't stay angry with him, he was right, you were too reckless on that day, normally you weren't but on today's expedition you were.
But then again, you did watch your friend Peter get eaten by a Titan, so that's what trigger the recklessness, even the ride back to the wall he continued to scold you on your stupid behavior today. You didn't pay attention to it much, so you nodded as if you listened to him, relief washed over you when the wall came into v
:iconmeloncubes:MelonCubes 574 59
LevixReader {Rumours}
You walked down the hall as the whispers reached your ears, you knew what they were, the rumours, the damn rumours your asshole of an ex spread. You ignored them, the rumours were that of you being an abuser at home, that you were a tyrant at home, hitting him when the reality was that it was the other way round, you hid the bruises, he had no bruises at all, you were an alcoholic, you never drank in your life, that you slept to get top of the class, you worked your ass off in training and that you were twelve when you started military training, so you called him a sick bastard when he made that one up, and that you were weak, and yet you have taken out over 50 Titans since you graduated.
The older cadets believed that, the younger ones? No, they find him full of shit with the rumours, he also said you were lazy on expedition, if that was true, why did you have scars on your body? Hell, you went head on into battle and went head on against Titans while your ex remained in the back and
:iconmeloncubes:MelonCubes 968 157
LevixReader~His Saviour.
You walked down the empty street, a quiet street where the drunk, thugs and the criminals roamed, normally it would be dangerous for a lone woman walking on her own but you were used to this place, you grew up in this location and as you grew, you got the respect from criminals and any people who came across you, you were once a criminal, you were a bastard child resulted in a one night stand between a noble from wall Sina and your mother, once they found out your mother was pregnant with you, your father didn't want anything to do with you, since he was a well respected man and had a reputation to maintain.
You were sent to the orphanage in the roughest part of the city where you learned how to fight and defend yourself from the age of five, you left the orphanage when you were ten due to the fact the owner hated you and you hated her.
You rose to become infamous as the years came by, you were stealthy and sneaky, quiet at that, pouncing when nobody expected it and when it came to fig
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Beautiful :iconnoflybird:NoFlyBird 152 7 Stay Determined!!! :iconnoflybird:NoFlyBird 309 40 Happy Valentines Day :iconnoflybird:NoFlyBird 535 77 The True Ending (manga practice #1) :iconnoflybird:NoFlyBird 416 76 Witch guardian maker v2 :iconhapuriainen:Hapuriainen 1,862 422



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Hey guys! I was thinking I should start my own little advent thing, so I present to you, Devant Deviant. I'm a little late, and this was supposed to be posted on the first, but with school and homework, well, you know how it is.

Anyway, the thing with Devant, that is a French word for in front, or forward. If any of you are French, or are in dance, you'll know that is a term used in ballet and jazz and pretty much any form of dance.

I want to write a story about a girl who is a dancer named Juniper, and she's getting ready for her recital. Now, my dance recital is next week, so those days might be a little late.

So for day 2, I'll actually start the story, plot, characters, blah blah blah. So yeah.. that's the journal. Behh..


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Just a dorky FanWing who loves Wings of Fire and Mlp: Fim, Dork Diaries, ect., ect. I've drawing and doodling since about third grade, and I've loved every minute of it. I really love reading as well as writing exiting stories. And dubstep. Dubstep is awesome x3 :D XD

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